Financial Services Recruitment

Experience has shown us that where commitment, trust, respect and loyalty exist, successful candidate placements can be achieved. These core values are at the centre of everything we do.

AB earns the trust, respect and loyalty of candidates and clients by investing time into building relationships, not just for now but lasting long into the future too.

It is important to us that all of our candidates find finance work they enjoy and will help them thrive in their career which also ensures continuous repeat business from our Financial Services clients. AB Recruitment have built lasting relationships over the years making us a leading and trusted recruiter in the Financial Services industry.

Commercial Recruitment

The commercial industry is a highly diverse sector, making it a particularly interesting sector for us at AB to recruit for.

Whether the job role is in HR, administration, finance, marketing, law, or perhaps another of the many commercial roles out there, here at AB recruitment, we will pro-actively search and match clients and candidates based on their specific requirements.

These very candidate/client requirements are usually varied due to the varied nature of the commercial sector, but because AB are an independent agency, we have the ability to provide a bespoke service where customer and client satisfaction comes first – it is our philosophy to find a client or candidate their perfect employment or employee match.

Professional Recruitment

At AB Recruitment, we additionally provide an executive recruitment service for the more senior roles that local organisations may be looking for.

Because of the wide spectrum of sectors that we specialise in recruiting for, companies can rely on us to find candidates not just for junior positions, but for senior roles, and for any skill level in between – we are flexible and experienced in tailoring our expertise to the needs of our clients.

To ensure we can offer sufficient senior opportunities too senior candidates, AB Recruitment work very closely with our clients to ensure that we obtain maximum knowledge of the company and their needs. Not only this, but by AB Recruitment maintaining the policy of interviewing each candidate face to face, we can ensure an intimate service which is sure to result in an excellent recruitment match.

Sales Recruitment

If you are a person that is passionate about selling, or alternatively, are a company looking to employ a sales-driven candidate, we at AB Recruitment are equipped with the experience and skills to help you find your perfect employment/employee match.

At AB Recruitment, we have an enviable record of providing high calibre Sales personnel to a variety of sectors, and this impressive record continues to grow and impress our clients.

Our team of consultants are always prepared to provide a professional service, and their skills and experiences are so broad that they can even cater to the requirements of larger blue chip clients where a larger quantity of candidates are needed without compromising on candidate quality and appropriateness.